1- After reading the proposed themes: “His banner over us, is love” and “Unity in the Fellowship” or “Unity, a Christian virtue”, there was a debate which allow some and others to bring down the merits of the themes. By the grace of God et through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, these two themes has been joined together to give the main theme which is “Unity in Love” ; and the basic verse is derived from the book of Psalms 133 : 1. The date selected for the Conference is from 16th to 19th May, 2018.
2- The place chosen to host the Conference is Centre International de Louange et d’Adoration (CILA), located in downtown at Deckon, Lomé.
3- It has been decided that this meeting should be called The African Leadership Conference (ALC 2) 2nd edition instead of the Pan African Leaders Conference.
4- It has been recommended that invitation letters should be sent to non- ECOWAS Nations for VISA formalities. Also a deadline for collection of the list must be specified.
5- To make available to every participant in this meeting a copy of the list of the Organizing Committee.
6- Composition of the two main preparatory bodies of the Conference:
– CPC : Conference Planning Committee. It’s composed of the International Vice-presidents and the leaders of Nations.
– CAC : Conference Action Committee. It’s composed of Local Committee extended to Nations (a representative of each Nation elected by the National President of his country).
Therefore it has been recommended to create for each body an Information platform in order to follow up/monitor the progress of the preparatory work.
7- Concerning the problem of Nigeria, it has been recommended to officially write an invitation letter on behalf of the CPC to the head of the Fellowship in Nigeria and the intermediation networks which is already at work in the facilitation of the case should be revived so that the two camps be invited to participate in the ALC.
8- It has been recommended that focal points of Nations be identified and their
contacts sent as soon/quickly as possible. It was requested to develop terms
of references/specifications for focal points.
9- A second meeting is scheduled for May Day. It will be held in two sections.
The first will be among the CAC themselves and the second one between
CPC and CAC.
10- It has been decided that the sponsoring document should be sent to the
Nations for possible submission and set deadlines for the closure of the
11- Members of both Committees (CPC and CAC) are expected to make
voluntary donations to contribute to the Conference Budget.
12- Ity has been decided that the contribution of Nations should be divided into
three categories such as :
– Category A : 10 000$ and over
– Category B : 5 000$ and over
– Category C : 1 000$ and over

These resolutions and recommendations have been unanimously adopted after

Lomé, March 30, 2018
The Secretariat

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